How does the School Smiles program work?

  • School Smiles will provide all paperwork and handle all communication directly with parents!
  • Our local professional dental team will arrive at your school on a date convenient for you!
  • All services are provided inside the school so children always remain safe and secure!
  • We provide dental checkups twice a year AND return to your school to provide restorative treatment so the children get the care they NEED!

We Treat Insured AND Uninsured Students!!!

On the day of services:

  • School Smiles dental team arrives at the school and setups inside the school in the designated area selected by the school.
  • One-by-one the children are retrieved from the classroom and brought to an on-site clinic for their appointment.
  • The following procedures will be scheduled on the initial appointment date: X-Rays, Comprehensive Exam, Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, Sealants (as needed), and Restorations including fillings (as needed).
  • During the exam a treatment plan is created by the dentist for children needing additional follow up dental services such as; additional restorations including fillings, as well as crowns and extractions.

School Smiles will return to the school to provide the additional restorative care and we will coordinate a date with the school that is acceptable.

  • Children to receive restorative care are scheduled for additional appointment dates for completion of the remaining treatment, as needed.
  • At minimum School Smiles will attempt to visit each school twice a year to provide 6-month dental checkups for children enrolled in the program.
  • Additional visits for restorative care are scheduled as needed based on those children in need.

School Smiles provides each child (parent/guardian) with after-hours emergency call center information!

School Smiles is available to attend back to school nights, school registration days, health fairs, classroom presentations, and other opportunities to educate children and parents/guardians about our services and the importance of oral health